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Can someone know if you are stalking their Instagram profile?

-There are a bunch of apps that allow you to do that.Most of them are paid which shows a bunch of people that visited your profile lately and to unlock the other bunch you will have to pay. -However lately i was really lucky i found one app that you can view basically everyone that entered your profile and checked anything about your profile,basically all you have to do is watch a add which is like 3 seconds long,itÔÇÖs called InstaViewer. -Basically people would need to dig in deeply to be able to find an app that allows them to see who stalks their profile. However to be perfectly correct if they can or not.Yes they can but most of them donÔÇÖt care or ignore it completely. I rarely use it because of the high follower number.Only on special circumstances.CanÔÇÖt keep a track on all of them.

Is there any app for Instagram to check stalkers?

Yes. There are many applications to check who views your profile on your Instagram. ÔÇťIG AnalyzerÔÇŁ is one of those apps. However, to use any of those applications youÔÇÖll have to pay. IÔÇÖd rather suggest you switch to a business profile so you get an idea of how many people view your profile and how many people you can reach.

Yes there is one ; "Who viewed my instaÔÇŁ,there are some premier contents but free version works fine though

You can use social rank for free to find your stalkers (and much more) for free. SocialRank, as described on their website, is ÔÇťThe easiest way to identify, organize, and manage your audience on Twitter and Instagram.ÔÇŁ It works by pulling all your following and followers on either Instagram and Twitter and provides you an easy to use web-interface to split and segment the information as you wish. The data is incredibly detailed and lists each follower in a table form. The tool provides the name and username of your followers, the total number of followers they currently have, the average likes/comments they receive on their posts, and their engagement rates.

Who blocked you on Instagram?

What happened to insta-stalker.com website?

  1. Open the Instagram App and click the Search Button

  2. Search for the culpritÔÇÖs username. If it shows up, youÔÇÖre not blocked. ┬áIf it doesnÔÇÖt, continue with Step 3.

  3. Go to a mutual friendÔÇÖs Instagram. (The closer they are with the suspect, the better.)

  4. Go through their posts, likes, comments, and followers to see if the suspectÔÇÖs username appears.

  5. If the userÔÇÖs name appears, click on it.

  6. If you click on the userÔÇÖs profile and are unable to see their content, even though at the top of their profile it says they have a number of posts, then they have blocked you.

  7. If the userÔÇÖs Instagram profile is set to Private, then their name will not appear on the search list;┬áthey┬áhave either blocked you or deactivated their Instagram account.